2017 Dodge Avenger Going to Blow the Market

Dodge was popular with the SUVs and wagons, but this year with the release of the 2017 Dodge Avenger. It will get a strong hold in the American and European market. A whole new Dodge is a mid-sized sedan with immense power and higher fuel efficiency. Dodge is also rich in the field of technological advancement with its super exotic features.

This vehicle has stunning looks and excellent performance. If you are interested in detailed information about the looks, just read little further. Starting from the front, you just cannot miss the sleek and aggressive headlights of this 2017 Dodge Avenger with metal grille and matte finished bumpers.

Grille is made up of shiny metals to make it hardy with minimum usage of space in front. This is an only reason behind the compactness and swiftness. Next is the diamond like LEDs fitted in the headlights that can guide you well. This car is lower, wider and longer in comparison with other cars in its class. Lowering along with widening the ride is heavily beneficial for sharp turns as well as high-speed drive.

2017 Dodge Avenger Specs

The 2017 Dodge Avenger is going to set a benchmark, and it will be considered as a good example whenever the comparison of interiors will arise. It is worth mentioning, dashboard is made up of soft materials and ended up with a matt finished looks. All the signal switches besides essential interface were fitted beautifully.

2017 Dodge Avenger

Steering wheel has all the basic commanding option, with a digital tachometer. Seats are long and broad with ultimate comfort. This car is equipped with high-quality speakers, neon ambient lighting, navigation guide and parking sensors, so developed that even a teenager can park the car in the busiest parking lot.

Performance of this 2017 Dodge Avenger is dependent on this model; there will be a 2.4-liter inline four cylinder engine with power generating more than 174 horsepower. Other one being 3.6-liter V6 engine produces 283 horsepower.

Their mileage also varies; the first model runs 22 miles per gallon inside city while other model runs 18 miles and on highways, they run 29 and 25 mpg respectively. Super luxury cars are managed with the help of automatic and manual transmission (optional).

2017 Dodge Avenger Competition and Price

Price of the 2017 Dodge Avenger will be going to differ from model to model; base model will cost around $ 20000. And it will keep on increasing with a dominant feature. A base model SE is cheapest with no airbags and central locking system and no navigation either.

Next models like SXT and R/T are going to cost more because of a fancy feature installed within it. Optional factors which will determine price are types of drive, types of transmission, number of elements and intensity of luxury and comfort.

It is expected to be released by the end of 2016 or beginning of the next year. Competition is fierce in that range so the best will survive.

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