Dodge Caliber Review

Dodge Caliber was launched in 2006, replacing Neon model. Chrysler had stopped producing Neon by the end of 2005. The vehicle went on sale as a hatchback car, but it was popular with a tag of Wagon car, Crossover and mini SUV. This car is said to be the most affordable drive along with optimum compactness in its design.

This car was conceptualised in 2005 and revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. This concept has achieved reality ground by 2006 at the North American International Show. It took almost one year at Belvidere Assembly (Illinois) to build the wagon.

Dodge Caliber offers a wide range of features which had been exclusively designed for the particular vehicle. Variable transmission, influenced by Nissan Jatco; Daimler-Chrysler adapted from Mercedes-Benz A class; All-wheel drive, for good handing in the rough terrain; GS Platform, co-designed with Mitsubishi Motors.

Dodge Caliber Specs

Three models were launched at the same time, and the fourth one was added after some time. First is the base SE model of Dodge Caliber; this model provides two version of engines. One is 1.8-liter Magna drivetrain with 148 HP and 5-speed manual transmission. Other drivetrain configuration is 2.0-liter with 158 HP and CVT2 transmission capacity. Standard model has no power windows and door locks and air conditioning facilities. Lack of tachometer and steel wheels just define some more simplicity.

Dodge Caliber

Second is the SXT model which is equipped with all basic needs. Air conditioner, power windows, power locks, side mirrors, adjustable seats and a redesigned looks. The grille are now chrome finished with aluminium alloys. But nothing varies in the performance segment, engines are same as base models. Sports models and their superior quality alloys are also worth mentioning.

Third is Dodge Caliber R/T models. This is an upgraded model with add-on features like Auto stick and All wheel drive which enhance clutch less transmission and powerful performance respectively. Along with that good Steering system, ABS and the high quality suspension was induced into the model. High-quality speakers and infotainment gadgets were not much are use so adding these features made this car simply exclusive among its class.

Previous model that was launched was SRT4, which was introduced at the Chicago Auto Show by Chrysler’s Street and Racing Technology group. Performance is just like the name of the group; this car is fast and powerful with good fuel efficiency. The engine is of 2.4 litres turbocharged type and can generate up to 285 HP. It lacks AWD and has super rear suspension.

Dodge Caliber Competition

The Dodge Caliber has a severe competition with Volkswagen GTI and Mazda speed 3. This vehicle was upgraded to a whole new level as per the demand in 2008 and continued till 2011. And on November 23rd, 2011, Chrysler ended its production and discontinued the model. The last model was sold in Europe. In same line-up, a successor named DART was sold in June 2012 as a compact hatchback. Neither release date nor price range has been confirmed for Dodge Caliber as of yet.

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