Dodge Nitro Classic and Simple Looking Car

Dodge Nitro, a compact SUV, which ruled in between 2006 and 2011. Toledo North Assembly Plant in Toledo, Ohio was home to this vehicle. It was Chrysler’s first modern SUV which was sold in European markets.

It was the only car at that time with had aluminium themed interiors; everything inside was either made up of aluminium or designed liked the metal. This Nitro was also popular as Dodge’s first compact SUV as the Raider was discontinued in 1990.

Dodge Nitro was based on the platform which was used for the Jeep models, but comparatively, it was wider, lower and longer. An entry level Dodge model was the only one till 2009 and after that Dodge country crossover took in the market’s attention because of its upgraded features and cargo area.

Dodge Nitro Specs

This vehicle was modern because of its ‘Load and Go’ feature, it provides a functional sliding floor. Safety features like electronic roll mitigation, traction control and side airbags were also worth mentioning.

Maximum models are of rear wheel drive type, all-wheel drive was optional as per individual’s need and affordability. Cargo area could be easily extended with the help of folding seats.

Dodge Nitro was launched with two engine choices; one is to 3.7-liter while the other one has a little more capacity, around 4.0-liter. Model designations were classified as SXT, SLT and R/T. All three share the same platform along with optional driving mode. Both the engines belonged to the V6 generation with the basic power of 210 HP.

SXT came only with manual transmission whereas the SLT and R/T models came with four-speed and five-speed automatic transmission. Features like cruise control, stain repellent cloth, power driver’s seat and alloys were equipped in the SLT and R/T models.

Dodge Nitro

The TV add brought Dodge Nitro into controversy with its advertisement showing a dog being electrocuted after touching the car’s front wheel. Previous tagline which was planned before was “charged with adrenaline”. Tough it was quickly pulled off because of negative attention, it gained much popularity.

In Australian market, only 3.7-liter V6 engines were sold out with automatic transmission. Nitro SXT was also used by the South Wales police during few events and duties. All models were equipped with automatic transmission.


Interiors of Dodge Nitro were just amazing; every little thing was beautifully designed with a pleasant impression. The power windows, premium quality seats, modern upgraded infotainment materials and the simple yet beautiful, organised dashboards were worth mentioning.

Panoramic view from the sun roof and high quality speakers had the power to hypnotise the person at the back seat with a mesmerise view. It was a seven seat wagon with plenty of cargo area.

Dodge Nitro Price

Among this lot, nine shades had a tremendous sale. Bright white clear coat, blackberry pearl coat, orange pearl coat and red line two court pearl were worth mentioning.

There is no official update on price or release date of new Dodge Nitro, but fans can expect this car to be presented in some auto shows next year.


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